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Channing Tatum Leaves Backpack in Cab, the Universe Returns It


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For Channing Tatum, the universe is a kind, merciful place in which backpacks left in cabs magically return themselves. Read: Channing Tatum's universe it not the one you or I live in.

Take, for instance, this Saturday, when Channing Tatum tweeted that he left his bag in a cab on 42nd Street:

An hour later, Channing Tatum reminded the world that he was serious about this—so serious, that he created an email address devoted to The Bag:

By this point, Page Six reported that the Taxi and Limousine Commission was working to help him find #TheBag—leading us to assume that whatever was in it involved secrets of citywide importance.

But we may never know, because by Sunday night, it had already made its way back into Channing Tatum's hands:

#WhatsInTheBag #TellUsChanning