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Lillypocalypse: Live-Blogging the Lilly Pulitzer x Target Collab Drop

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The highly anticipated Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection debuts at 8am today, and we're on the scene at the Atlantic Terminal store to watch the madness unfold.

7:26 - Morning! There is a very lethargic line of about 20 people.

7:31 - Never mind. I went downstairs for five minutes to get a latte and now I'm, like, 40th in line.

7:32 - Not sure if it's because it's Lilly or because it's 7am, but there are a LOT of chicks rocking VS Pink.

7:35 - Target employee just arrived, was greeted like a celebrity.

7:37 - Girl on the phone in front of me: "Where should I go first? Bags? Bags. I really want that bag."

7:38 - Dude with the girl behind me wins the best boyfriend award—he's here with a bomb-ass looking breakfast sandwich.

7:42 - Line is now almost one giant circle.

7:45 - Loud booming noise that sounded like the doors opening. False alarm. It was for Applebee's.

7:46 - Applebee's sounds delicious.

7:48 - Line is moving. Not sure how that's even possible.

7:50 - First Nantucket red sighting, surprised it took this long.

7:53 - They've opened the doors! "You guys exciteddddd?"

7:54 - "We've got plenty of merchandise for women, girls, baby, and home!"

7:56 - Whoa whoa whoa: products are scattered throughout the store, not in the front like usual.

7:57 - Cosmetics, accessories, girls' clothing, and home are in their normal Target sections.

7:59 - She's got protein bars.

8:00 - This is definitely one of the liveliest, friendliest collabs I've been to.

8:01 - First real Lilly sighting! Woman in that great yellow coat has a tote.

8:03 - Target lady just gave us the safety talk.

8:04 - Lights just went on. It's about to go down.

8:05 - Aaand we're moving.

8:05 - We've got some runners.

8:06 - And some people making fun of the runners.

8:08 - Woman yelled "JUST GRAB" and everyone laughed.

8:10 - Escaped to the much calmer home section.

8:12 - What's left of the accessories.

8:15 - What's left of women's.

8:17 - The boss at Target keeps telling his employees good job, it's kind of adorable. "Excellent launch!"

8:21 - GIANT fitting room line.

8:25 - Meanwhile, there's  still a bunch of nail colors and lip colors.

8:28 - Two prisoners in a stroller are crying because they want Cheerios.

8:35 - Now onto the best part of going to any Target collab launch: shopping the REST of Target with no one else there.

Target Atlantic Terminal

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