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Is the Veda Sample Sale Worth the Weekend? (Yes.)

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After kicking off yesterday morning, the Veda sample sale—a.k.a. a literal rainbow of leather jackets—still appears to be going strong. We stopped by the showroom Friday afternoon to see if the sale was worth your weekend. The answer? A resounding yes.

There's still plenty of leather jackets in all colors, from metallic blue to rose, army green, and fire engine red. Prices haven't changed yet—most leather jackets are still either $325 or $425—but we'll keep you posted.

If you were planning to go only for those $25 bargain bins, however, don't bother: There was only a single skirt and a pair of leather shorts, both torn, and both small enough to fit the average nine-year-old.

Not in the market for jackets? There's still plenty of crisp button-downs ($75-$125), leather shift dresses ($225), flowy tops ($125) and trousers. Do keep in mind: As far as bottoms go (skirts, shorts, pants), mostly everything is a size small.

Over at the Bing Bang jewelry corner, you'll find dozens of quirky rings and bracelets—again, no markdowns just yet, but check out the photos above for an idea of what you can expect.