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The Six Products Every New York Girl Should Have In Her Purse

NYC's worst beauty problems—and how to fix them!

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There are a lot of perks to living in New York—3am pizza! never bothering to get a driver's license! That adorable store that sells literally just buttons! These perks, however, do not include the struggle of getting a last-minute invite to a party that's way too cool for what you're wearing, and having zero time to take the train home to change.

Luckily, there's an easy fix. Below, we've laid out five of the worst beauty problems every New York girl knows to be true, and the six products to keep in your purse—many of them locally produced—that solve 'em before they ruin your day.

The Problem: Manhattan's vicious Wind Tunnels Have Totally Dried Out Your Skin

The solution: Glossier's Balmdotcom

Why it's great: Think of it as a fashion-forward step up from Vaseline: The super-thick skin salve protects your lips, cuticles, and any other dry patch in need of a little touch up—we even used it as a night cream to soothe a mild facial sunburn and woke up with super soft cheeks.

Where to buy: Sadly, you'll have to go online for this one, but they have popped up around the city in the past—chances are they'll be available IRL soon. $12.

The Problem: You weren't planning on staying the night at your Tinder date's apartment, but hey, it happened.

The solution: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' color pencil in midnight brown-out.

Why it's great: Use it on your upper lid, use it on your lower lid, use it on your brows—despite the name of this particular shade, this medium brown won't make you look like you overdid it on the rosé last night.

Where to buy: OCC's Lower East Side boutique, $16.

The problem: You went outside for literally one second and your hair is a straight-up wreck

The solution: Bixby comb, Everyday Bobby Pin Hair Set in Teal

Why they're great: Sure, you could hit up Duane Reade for a $1 comb and a 50-pack of bobby pins, but now that you're a grown person, why not try some that you'll actively attempt to not lose?

Where to buy: Urban Outfitters, $24 and $14, respectively

The Problem: You broke a sweat running to catch the F train, as usual

The solution: Amore Pacific's Iope Air cushion sunblock XP.

Why it's great: Like a foundation but lighter, the compact cushion is considered one of the major breakthroughs of K-beauty—it'll cover up grease and oil, even skin tone, and even protect against sun damage (there's actual sunblock in there!). That giant mirror for when you're applying on-the-go doesn't hurt, either.

Where to buy: Soko Glam, $45.

The Problem: You get invited somewhere fashion-y but you look super basic

The solution: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar in Black Dahlia.

Why it's great: No matter what you're wearing, whether it's a $19 dress you picked up at Forever 21 three years ago or jeans and a baggy tee, a lip that's so-purple-it's-almost-black will give you an aura of, "I don't even care my outfit sucks." Be very careful when applying, though—one jolt of a subway car and your fingers (or worse, your chin) will appear blood-stained for the next 24 hours.

Where to buy: OCC's Lower East Side boutique, $18.