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Lillypocalypse: Hundreds Lined Up to Shop Lilly for Target at Bryant Park

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The highly-anticipated Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration drops nationwide Sunday (psst: here's how to shop it), but New Yorkers who want to get in on the action a bit early can check out the "Lilly Resort" in Bryant Park today, complete with a pop-up shop housing the entire collection. However, if you're not already in line to shop the entire collection, you might be out of luck.

A countless number of fans were lined up at the eastern end of the park as early as 5am to hit the pop-up shop off of Bryant Park Grill, snaking their way through stanchions that wrapped around the New York Public Library just a few minutes after the doors opened at 8am. What's worst of all is that part of the shopping tent was see-through, so everyone else could see the crazy-affordable items they were missing (and what people were snatching up the most: the clothing. And the home goods. Okay, it was everything.).

There's some hope in the fact that Target will be restocking what's in the tent, but event staff wasn't positive on just how much more would be put out, or how long it would last—we noticed a sales associate bringing out dozens more blouses and dresses in white and hot pink just 15 minutes into the event. Unless you have several hours of free time on your hands today (and boundless optimism, too), you might be better off enjoying everything else the Lilly Resort has to offer today.

And through 6pm, that includes ginger orange mango juice, ping pong, complimentary manicures in custom Essie shades (note that a more than a dozen people were lined up for five stations by 8:15), and plenty of lounge chairs and hammocks for soaking up the spring weather during an office break. Plus, the artists that created the patterns on this Target collaboration are stationed throughout the park, doing sketches and paintings all day long.

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