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Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel Subway Ads Causing Controversy in Brooklyn Orthodox Communities

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PR Newswire
PR Newswire

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Lane Bryant's not-so-subtle #ImNoAngel ad campaign-slash-response to Victoria's Secret's controversial 'Perfect Body' ads was generally applauded within the fashion set—but it turns out, the feeling was far from unanimous. Subway ads like the one below are causing controversy among the Orthodox Jewish communities they pass:

Bensonhurst Bean reports that Councilman David Greenfield has called on the MTA to remove the Lane Bryant ads from the F train that runs through Borough Park and Midwood after receiving numerous complaints from families.

"Our local neighborhoods are not Times Square," he said. "These are where families live and children walk the streets ... We're asking that the MTA be sensitive to the concerns of families by removing them from the subway or, at the very least, moving the ads to other lines," said Greenfield.

It looks like Greenfield is out of luck, however—at least temporarily. As of today, the MTA has responded, "These advertisements are part of a campaign running in outdoor formats across the country. The ads meet the standards for commercial advertising commonly used by transit agencies in many states. They are scheduled to run on the F train for another three weeks."