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Patti Smith Plots NYC Book Club Takeover with New Memoir, 'M Train'

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Patti Smith has written a follow-up to her critically acclaimed memoir, Just Kids. Rolling Stone reports that M Train will debut this fall, and will focus on 18 "stations" of the musician's life.

With a title like that, expect tons of references to the New York City of Smith's youth—from the Greenwich Village cafe where she'd drink black coffee every morning and "ruminate on the world as it is and the world that is was," all the way to the bungalow she bought in Far Rockaway just before Hurricane Sandy hit. A major part of the book, however, will discuss her life with the late Fred "Sonic" Smith of the band MC5, and will also include black-and-white polaroids she took herself. Still haven't read Just Kids yet? You've got 'til October 6th, when M Train debuts.