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Your Money Is an Energy That Flows to Sarah Jessica Parker

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Page Six
Page Six

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Human stiletto Sarah Jessica Parker continues to confirm all your assumptions about what it's like to live in the West Village, having discovered money on the street for the second time in six months. Page Six reports that while she was walking twin daughters Tabitha and Marion to school, she stumbled upon a pay stub, picked it up, and is reportedly "looking for an address where she can return [it], in case the owner wants it."

While it's not quite as dramatic as that time she found a check for $4,700 and subsequently returned it to the owner by Googling them, it's safe to assume that these two coincidences mean but one thing: money is simply an energy force that flows directly into SJP's hands. Which is good news, of course, because if you happen to have lost a $20 bill recently, fear not! It's probably tucked snugly in the pocket of SJP's perfect boyfriend jeans, and she's Googling you right now.