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Kanye on Purchasing Baby-Size Jumpsuit: 'It's for Reference'


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Kanye West, enigma, advice giver, and sometimes smiler, operates in mysterious ways. Take, for instance, this T Magazine profile, published this morning, in which we learn just how differently Kanye West lives from the rest of us.

After February's Jeremy Scott runway show, Kanye ducked into Sweet William, a Nolita children's boutique to pick out some stuffed animals for North—pretty normal, right?—where he ended up picking out a pig (sure!), an owl (great!), and a South African bat-eared fox (now there's the Kanye we want to see). He then selected a tiny purple sweater and a "preschool-size denim jumpsuit."

This is where the story gets interesting. A Sweet William sales clerk had the gall to pose a question that, to anyone else, would have facilitated a perfectly normal conversation, but when posed to Kanye West, ended with a response that managed to be equal parts cryptic and hostile:

Sales clerk: "Who's this for?"

Kanye West: "It's for reference."

A word to anyone who has had or will ever have any contact with Kanye West, ever: Never question Kanye West. And if he purchases a baby jumpsuit, don't worry about it. It's for reference.