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No One Was Sadder About Loehmann's Closing than Iris Apfel

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Think back to the day Loehmann's died—what sort of feelings did you feel? Confusion? Indifference? The sensation of slipping into a yawning chasm of sadness? Chances are your despair didn't even compare to Iris Apfel's—the nonagenarian style icon recently told The New York Times Magazine that she "wanted to sit shiva" for the discount department store when it folded last year.

Loehmann's could do no wrong in Apfel's eyes—not even the communal dressing rooms fazed her. "There's no free lunch, baby," she said. "A naked lady with a big butt? That doesn't offend me at all if she gives me enough space to see myself." Iris Apfel: cool with nudity, not so cool with normcore.