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Here's Where to Find $35 Free People Dresses and $79 J Brand Jeans Today

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If you find yourself meandering through Chelsea Market, staring wistfully at Anthropologie's spring collection that will leave you destitute and unable to pay rent, head down the hall to the sample sale space for choice picks of Free People and J Brand jeans. The racks are fully packed with merchandise remaining from previous sales here, but don't think of them as leftovers—think of it as a second chance.

Free People is on the left-hand side of the room as you walk in. Tees and blouses are the most plentiful at $25; that's the same price as skirts and leggings. too. As for the rest of the brand's merchandise, tunics, dresses, and sweaters are $35; and coats are $65. Bear in mind that most sizes are of the small and extra-small variety, though a lot of the sweaters do run big. More Free People stock is set to arrive tomorrow and the next day, according to staff.

In the J Brand section, you could assemble an entire week's worth of outfits. Denim and leggings are $79 and available in sizes 24 through 32 (with plenty of 27/28). Leather pants are $179, mostly in sizes 26 thourhg 29. There is a nice rack of sweatshirts (sized XS to L) at $39, sweaters (all size small) for $79, and blouses for $45 (small through large). Tanks and tees are plentiful at $25, and hugely discounted—many were previously going for $200.

J Brand women's blazers and jackets are mostly size 2s and go up to a size 6, and will run you $89 (originally $600) and are in pristine condition, barring a few deep creases. The same bargain goes for J Brand dresses, all of which are $65 and range from extra small to extra large (some of them used to go for a whopping $800).

We also spotted several pairs of black denim pants from J Brand's collaboration with Selfridges that previously retailed for $800—they're now a sweet $79. The buttons and zips are gold-plated, and there are plenty of sizes in good condition.

Over in the men's section J Brand denim is also $79, with sizes 29 through 40 available. Joe's Jeans tanks and tees are $25, sweaters and button-downs are $40, and jackets are $65. Joe's Jeans denim (mostly sizes 31/32) are going for $65. From Descendant of Thieves, button-downs and sweatshirts are plentiful in mediums for $39, and more reversible pants and shorts ($35) will be hitting the shelves shortly.

Step down into the sale's back section for all of the Bonobos in all of the colors. Pants and denim, frequently in size 32, are $39. Knits are $19, and woven shirts in plaids of all color combinations are $29 (mostly small and medium). Blazers and jackets are $79, with sizes 36-46 availabe, and dress shirts are $29. Bonobos stock will be replenished daily.

In this same back section is Torn by Ronny Kobo for women. Tops and bottoms are each $40, ranging in size from small to large, and dresses are $60. Around the other side are women's Joe's Jeans for $65—but know that they're all either size 26 or 27. Shorts are $45 with a similar spread, size-wise. There are also racks here for Addison and Feel the Piece, all at similar 70% discounts.

There is plenty to sift through and find here, so be sure to leave yourself ample time for leisurely browsing. Keep in mind that current pieces will be replenished and new styles will be added through Friday, so if you're successful today you might consider heading back for round two.

Wednesday, April 1st through Sunday, April 5th. Wed—Sat 10:30am—7pm, Sun 10:30am—5pm.