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We Need to Talk About Karlie Kloss’s Apartment Building

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Karlie Kloss—current vice president of Taylor Swift's girl gang—may be moving out of her West Village co-op, our sister site Curbed reports. The model, who purchased her two-bedroom unit for $1.975 million back in 2012, stands to be bought out by developers who want to raze her 151 Charles Street building in order to make way for a preposterously large single-family mansion.

Karlie's co-op building.

If this deal goes through, not only will Karlie lose her home, the city will lose a true architectural gem—a two-story building that looks like it was lifted by crane from Florida and plopped into Manhattan. There are shades of the house from The Golden Girls (the squat frame! the brown color palette! the plants!), which is fitting, because "ability to stay up late and talk things out over baked goods" seems like an important requirement for Taylor Swift BFF status.