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'Broad City' Takes On the Joy of Shopping at Beacon's Closet

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

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This week's Broad City episode found Abbi and Ilana experiencing the rite of passage for every New York girl who's just broke enough that she has to sell clothes for roughly 5% of what she paid for them, but not broke enough to, y'know, stop buying new ones: Going to Beacon's Closet.

The clip, which was filmed inside Beacon's Closet's flagship store in Greenpoint, touches on every joy (if you opt for store credit, you'll get like, a zillion dollars) and despair (daggers of judgment from a thrift store clerk who can pull off a fuchsia lip better than you pull off anything) of buying and trading at consignment stores.

It doesn't come as a surprise, however—when we interviewed Broad City's costume designer Staci Greenbaum, she said that Beacon's Closet was one of the team's go-to stores when shopping for Abbi and Ilana's wardrobes.