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Should You Still Go to the Diptyque Sample Sale? Let's Discuss.


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After what feels like an exhausting ride, both physically (there was a snowstorm!) and emotionally (standard-size candles sold out on the first day!), the Diptyque sample sale is finally on its last legs. Tomorrow will be its final day, and if you haven't made it over yet, you're probably wondering, 'But is it worth it?' Let's talk it out.

First up, when we arrived at around 1:30pm on Thursday, there was no line—we repeat!—no line whatsoever, which comes as particularly shocking news when compared to the three hours and ten minutes that we waited yesterday morning. Though it's easily attributed to the massive snow dump that NYC got this morning, the lack of a long wait significantly increased the enjoyment of shopping the sale. (You can also tell from the photos below that it's a far calmer environment than yesterday—there were only about ten or so people inside.)

As we noted before, there are no non-holiday standard size candles left, though there are practically mountains of 2014 holiday varieties, including the Epice, Hiver, and Résine scents, though previous years' holiday selections were nearly completely wiped out. And if you came for the Feu de Bois, there's good news and bad: You can still buy a large version, but you'll have to shell out for a gift set that includes a fancy glass case for $75.

Fragrances take up the majority of what's left, though we didn't see any hourglass diffusers or home scents. In the center of the room, you'll find tons of eau de toilettes, colognes and a few roll-ons from the 34 collection—see the full price list here.

Elsewhere, the Byredo products have been basically cleaned out, while there's still plenty of L'Art du Soin sets. There's also a teeny counter where you can find travel-size lotions and shower gels for $10 that rabid shoppers had previously removed from their gift sets.

Though there won't be any more markdowns, nor will there be any further restocking, one of the benefits of hitting up the sale late is that the staff is able to assist each and every customer, so if you have questions, there'll be someone to ask.

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