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Scents that Linger: What's Left at the Diptyque Sample Sale

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You braved the long line and finally made it inside the Diptyque Sample Sale! Once you head up the stairs into C21 Edition, you'll be greeted by the wonderful aromas of candles, fragrances and soaps. However, the smell in the air is all that's left of some products.

Right off the bat: there are no more standard candles. You do have the option of purchasing a photophore set, which includes a standard candle, stand, and cover for $75. There were quite a few mini candles lying around, though those were the most popular of what's left and baskets were being stuffed with them, so like Drake said, if you're reading this it's [probably] too late.

There are tons of holiday candles, so if you really want candles you will get them. Shelves are chock full of them, including the Winter Spice, Resine, Orange Chaya and Indian Incense scents, and they'll continuously be restocking them. Also left are votive sets which will be restocked as well.

Home scents are going quickly, but there are a lot of 34 collection hourglass diffusers so you likely can still get your hands on those, and in the fragrance department there are plenty of colognes, perfumes, travel sprays and roll-ons left to choose from. The Art of Body Care travel sets remain largely untouched, while the full size products are more scarce. Lastly, perched by the exit are the Byredo products which, I'm sure you can guess by now, have mostly been picked over, save for the shower gels.

At least for today, you may not get exactly what you wanted, but there are enough leftovers to reward you for your wait outside.

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