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Rain Won't Come Between Diptyque Diehards and Their Candles

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The Diptyque sample sale begins this morning, and judging from last night's preview, it's going to get crazy. Racked contributor Roderic David reports from the line.

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9:04am: I've stood in line for H&M collabs, to see Miley Cyrus, and now to buy candles. I'm so excited!

9:08am: The line starts at Dey Street and wraps around the block to Cortlandt Street. I'd say there are about 80 to 90 folks in line ahead of me.

9:12am: I witness my first (last?) act of kindness. A woman offers to get me coffee. I decline, but hold her spot for her.

9:13am: Turns out she's a Racked reader! Per our earlier reports she was expecting much worse, so I guess that's a good sign?

9:17am: My first "What are you waiting in line for?" question!

9:20am: As it turns out, some people actually just want to go to Century 21, which is already open.

9:20am: It's cold and rainy, so if you find a Good Samaritan, I'd try to dip into the store for a quick warmup/bathroom break.

9:25am: Professional line waiters are here! Apparently the first person in line was paid $65 to wait here since 6:30am.

9:28am: I'd say there are about 20 to 30 people ahead of me in line right now.

9:30am: OMG there's a pregnant woman a few spots ahead! So far she has not used her with-child status to skip the line, and I respect her for that.

9:33am: Three minuted past 9:30 and we're moving! Only about three feet, but I'll take it.

9:40am: "These must be some good-ass candles." Yes sir, they are.

9:47am: This time we moved approximately three paces.

9:50am: Moving! Made it around the corner. The first corner, that is.

10:03am: The pregnant woman just left the line! Or is she trying to use her with-child status?

10:08am: Three more paces!

10:11am: People are emerging from the sale. There's still a lot of stuff left!

10:20am: So, the line looks long but it's slightly deceiving. There are lots of gaps to keep the entrances clear, and the line on Dey Street proper is only 10 deep.

10:25am: Pregnant woman is back! She went inside to use the bathroom. They offered to let her wait inside, but wouldn't let her go into the sale.

10:32am: It's officially one hour after start time and I have no clue when I'm getting in.

10:45am: I'm currently right at the point where the line breaks to make room for the entrance. The security guard is only letting a few people cross at a time.

10:49am: Three people this time, but I'm one of them!

11:00am: Small consolation prize: there's a crapload of people behind me! The line is wrapping around to where I started at the Cortlandt Street entrance, and I'd say there are at least 80 people behind me.

11:06am: I can't feel my toes. But Shania Twain just announced a new world tour! I have things to live for now. I will make it through this line alive.

11:15am: Progress! I've made it inside the official C21 ropes!

11:21am: I can see a different corner! This must be how George Michael felt.

11:23am: So. Freaking. Close.

11:30am: Oh my god. He let one person in. This is unacceptable.

11:42am: It looks like they're working with a one in/one out system. It's gonna be a long morning, folks!

11:58am: He let two people in this time! There are now 10 people ahead of me. This is the finish line.

12:05am: They're handing out free Red Bull! That stuff usually makes me feel bloated but today I'll take it.

12:09am: I made it inside! But that's about it. I'm being held from the sale until more people leave.

12:13am: And I made it up! Three hours and 10 minutes later.

Stay tuned for a report on what's left at the sale.