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Oh Hell Yes: The Diptyque Sample Sale Is Here, and It's Stocked

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Looking for coverage of the 2016 sale? Head here.

We arrived a tad early to the friends and family portion of the Diptyque sample sale at C21 Edition last night, to beat the crowd. Alas, the crowd had already arrived and cleaned out the Baies standard candles, just 30 minutes into the preview. But don't despair—we were told they will be restocking Baies, as well as a few other standard candle scents that were in low supply by the time we left.

The new sale space comes with new pricing. Standard candles are still $35, but mini candles are $17 (up from $15). There's a 30 item maximum per customer and a 10 standard candle limit, so bring a friend if you want to stock up. Or just take your chances at the register—we spotted many shoppers checking out with baskets full of goods.

Products are organized by category—candles, body care, perfumes, the 34 collection and holiday scents all have their own shelf space. There are about 17 shelving units dedicated to Diptyque goods, and two for Stockholm-based fragrance brand Byredo. There definitely seems to be more inventory than at the previous sales.

As you enter, to your left, you will find all the Diptyque standard candles, accessories and 34 Collection as well as special limited edition products. We spotted lots of the following candles: Eucalypsus, Sauvage Fenouil, Iris, Maquis, Musc, Chevrefeuille, Gardenia, Tubereuse, Bois Cire, Feuille de Lavandre, Feu de Bois, Figuier, Menthe Verte, Ambre, Oranger, special edition Ciel and more. Roses and Rose Duet were also in the mix but there weren't many left. Make sure to check the unlabelled sample boxes as some of them might contain the Baies scent.

Holiday candles include familiar scents like Indian Incense, Orange Chaya, Sapin Doré and Oliban as well as new Holiday 2014 scents like Hiver, Résine, and Épice.

Here is the price breakdown on the rest of the inventory: We didn't see any large colored candles (300 g) but they are $48. Candle oval sets (only in Figuier) are $40 (a decrease from last year, when they were $49). Ten-candle votive sets are $70 ($65 last year) and three-candle votive sets are $45 ($42 last year). Five-mini candle sets are $40 ($35 last year), and mini Pine ovals are only $10 (they were $27 last year, but they were reduced to $10 during the last days). Feu de Bois Photophores are $75.

In the same section as the standard candles, you find Diptyque accessories including wick trimmers ($20), snuffers ($20), candle stands ($10) and candler holders ($40).

Onto the home scents! 34 collection hourglass diffusers (scents include Figuier, Baies, Ambre) are $75 and their refills are $25. We found some scented ovals in Figuier, Feuille de Lavande, Ambre for $25. Room sprays (150 ml) including Baies and Pomander are $35.

In the fragrance department, 50 ml eau de toilettes are $50, 100ml eau de toilettes are $73, 200 ml colognes are $68, 100 ml colognes are $49, cologne roll-ons are $25, solid perfumes are $25, travel refill sprays are $30, 75 ml eau de parfums are $70, and perfume roll-ons are $25.

For 34 Collection fragrances: 50 ml eau de toilettes are $50, 100 ml eau de toilettes are $73, solid perfumes are $25. Limited edition fragrances (100 ml) are $88 and limited edition solid perfumes are $30.

The Art of Body Care items are near the entrance, organized on two shelves. One shelf is full of travel body care sets and the other has full-size products.

Prices for body care have not changed much since the last sale. Scented body creams are $34, scented body lotions are $28, rich body creams are $40, body oils are $39, hand lotions are $21, softening hand washes are $20, shower gels are $22, and bottles of Satin oil for body and hair are $30. New products not seen at previous sales include facial powder ($29), facial moisturizer ($36), facial lotion ($27) and multi-use exfoliating clay ($32). Finally, three-soap sets are $20 and single soaps are $8.

Near the exit (which is the entrance to the C21 department store) you have the Byredo products. Byredo candles (300 g) are $45 and mini candles (80 g) are $17, although there aren't many left. There is also body cream ($50), body lotion ($35), body wash ($25), single soaps for $15 and leather travel cases for $60. All the perfumes (including scents like Rose Noir, Flowerhead, Sunday Cologne, Baudelaire, Pulp, Green and more) are discounted at more than 50% off. Byredo fragrances are as follows: 100ml are $120, 50ml are $75, and roll-ons are $40.

We advise to go as early as possible, although there will be some restocking tomorrow.—Hsini

Wednesday, March 4th through Friday, March 6th. Wed, 9:30am-6pm; Thurs, 10:30am-8pm; Fri, 9:30am-3pm. C21 Edition, 21 Dey St between Church St and Broadway (212-227-9092).

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