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Alpaca Sweaters, Pima Cotton Replacing Design Within Reach on Columbus Avenue


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Reformation may have recently released an eco-friendly Alpaca wool collection last fall, but the mother-daughter team behind women's apparel and accessories brand Peruvian Connection have been selling sweaters made of the furry creatures' excess hair for more than three decades. And now for the first time, they're opening a New York City store.

West Side Rag reports that the Kansas-based company, which has stores as nearby as Boston and Washington, D.C. and as far away as London, is headed to 341 Columbus Avenue by late summer or early fall. That's the space that home goods favorite Design Within Reach recently exited—but they have three other stores in Manhattan, plus an Industry City outlet on the way, to keep us satisfied.

Peruvian Connection

341 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024, USA