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How to Help the Rockabilly Boutique Damaged by East Village Explosion

Driely S.
Driely S.

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Last week's horrible gas explosion left an entire corner of the East Village demolished and the rest of the city devastated. It also left Enz's, the rockabilly boutique situated next door to the three fallen buildings, with an uncertain future: Friends of owner Mariann Marlowe have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the store.

Though their building still stands, it's almost certain that the space and the stock inside have been severely damaged by fire, smoke, and water—but since they haven't been able to go inside, it's unclear whether they'll have to rebuild or completely relocate the store.

Because Enz's isn't protected with fire insurance, Marlowe must pay for everything herself. Of the $25,000 needed, however, about $7,500 has already been raised, and with 59 more days to go in the campaign, things are looking hopeful.

From the website (emphasis theirs):

Small businesses like Enz's are what keep the East Village unique, vibrant and thriving. If you've ever made a purchase in this New York City counter-culture institution, please consider donating what you can to help get our shop up and running again.


125 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10079 (917) 841-5989