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Upper West Side Burrito Joint to Become IRO Store


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French label IRO Paris is opening its second store in the city, Commercial Observer reports, and as West Side Rag notes, it'll be in the former home of Harry's Burritos. What does this mean? It definitely doesn't mean that the store will smell like the lingering remnants of delicious carne asada and fresh guacamole.

The boutique, slated to open in September, will take up both the ground and lower levels of the building (perhaps in the same space where a kitchen once whipped up thousands of tacos?), amounting to 1,560 square feet.

"The corner is such a great corner. It feels like a flagship," Joshua Strauss, one of the representatives in the deal told Commercial Observer. "I think everybody on the block will be happy to be around IRO and they feel their brand will be bolstered by having IRO on the block." Also bolstering the surrounding retail: Absolutely zero chance of anyone catching a whiff of cheese and spicy rice while they shop.

IRO Paris

241 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10023, USA