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Kitty Flats Are $130 at Charlotte Olympia's Sample Sale

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Wow. If there was ever a sample sale that would drive you crazy with impulse buy, this is the one. It's like going to Willy Wonka'a factory—the surprises emerging from other shoppers' boxes are nothing short of thrilling.

The sale is organized by size—but the selection of styles is unlike anything else. There is tons of stock for each shoe size (with half-size sections up until size 40) but very, very few duplicates of styles—probably two for each size, max. So if you see something you like on someone else's foot, befriend them immediately—odds are that's the only one. Budget some serious time for this sale, too, as it's not unlikely that you may wind up having to look at every. single. shoe.

Thankfully, Charlotte Olympia's goods are practically designed for shopping situations like this, as each is packaged with a doodle on the box and a Polaroid of the pair inside. Brilliant! Pro tip: Save precious time by flipping open the lid to peek at the photo, and keep movin' if it's not what you were looking for.

The room is a bit of an avalanche waiting to happen, so keep an eye open for boxes hidden under the tables. With a lack of duplicates, you're likely to find a gem down here too.

Prices start around $130, and top out around the high $500's and that's about where any semblance of rhyme or reason ends. The price on every shoe is different, but with all of them clocking in at about 80% or more off, that's nothing worth complaining about.
A price list advertises color-coded stickers for $100, $150, $200 and $250, but barely anything sported these—discounts are mostly priced as marked.

The kitty flat game is strong—there are more of them than anything else—but people are snapping them up left and right so go soon if you're set on a certain type. They're also the cheapest—both a pink velvet Love Kitty (originally $595) and a metallic gold Lucky Kitty (originally $645) were just $130.

Whimsy doesn't even begin to describe the options under each shoebox lid, with cola bottle heels for $325 (originally $1695), crystal-studded pink kitten heels for $285 (originally $1295) and rainbow bubble slingbacks for $245 (originally $1295).

Some of Charlotte Olympia's most Instagrammable shoes were there too, like the Team Spirit, a varsity-themed wedge, for $280 (originally $1295), Birds of Paradise, complete with birdcage heels for $350 (originally $1595) and Hands On, those tiny hand shoes you've definitely seen in slideshows, for $235 (originally $1195).

There were some gorgeous heels that were her signature type of high-high-high, so keep your expectations in check—it is too easy to be swept up off your feet at this one. (Some people looked like they were meeting the ten item purchase limit.)

The quirky purse selection was vast, with about 30 options to choose from. Simple clutches were in the $100 - $300 range, with a Lights, Camera, Action film slate clutch for $155 (originally $595), Hold Me Pandora hand-print bag for $280 (originally $1395) and the colorful, lucite I Am A Fan for $290 (originally $1295).

The most eye-catching purses—like a golden hand bag ($695) and a fuzzy peach cross-body ($510, from $1995)—are tough to pony up for, especially when you could get multiple pairs of kicks for that price, which may explain why they weren't flying off the shelves like the cheaper ones.

Tote bags are near checkout, along with some insane $155 headpieces that one should only wear if their Bat Mitzvah theme happens to be "California!"

All in all, it would be tough to conquer during a tight lunch break, but worth a shot. Worst case, you get to enter shoe dreamland for a bit. But best case? Your closet is now totally Coveteur-ready in a very real way.

Thursday, March 26th. 10am-7pm. The Roosevelt Hotel, Vanderbilt Suite. 45 East 45th Street.