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Men's Fashion Week Desperately Seeks Celebrity Ambassador: Any Takers?

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Handsomes congregate outside Pitti Uomo in 2013. Photo: Getty
Handsomes congregate outside Pitti Uomo in 2013. Photo: Getty

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You know what they said about Rome, right? The same thing goes New York Fashion Week: Men'sWWD reports that the Council of Fashion Designers of America, who's backing the entire venture, held a closed-door meeting with designers and publicists yesterday to drum up support, which is missing a couple key factors: Money and a face.

The paper reports that the CFDA is looking for one more major sponsor to join Amazon, Dreamworks, and Shinola in putting its name on the July shows. It may very well be Cadillac, who will be sponsoring the emerging designer-focused New York Men's Day that's now taking place on Monday, July 13th—the day before the three-day NYFWM kicks off.

The CFDA is also looking for "American celebrities or sports figures known for their style" to serve as "ambassadors" for the shows, the paper writes. Given that the organization also used this meeting as a showcase to debut what was described as "weird" and "nice" NYFW logos in orange and blue—the colors of the Mets and the Knicks—perhaps we can expect stars from those respective teams to be making appearances

Sources who attended the meeting claimed that it was "just a rallying cry" and "meant to get people excited," but it also inadvertently highlighted problems facing the summer shows. "They're going to have a hard time," an anonymous designer said. "There are going to be ups and downs until they get it right,"

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