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Hugo Boss's Sale: Loads of Women's Sample Sizes, Men's Suiting

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If you are a man who needs a slim fit size 40R dress shirt, coat, or jacket, there is a magical sale, just for you. Yes, you'll have to hike to the edge of Manhattan's last frontier. Cross underneath the High Line to construction sites and empty industrial spaces; a land of tumbleweeds and echoes of the bros of summer nearly spilling over on the Frying Pan. Welcome to West Chelsea. Enter the building and choose any elevator to get up to the 8th floor for Hugo. Judging by the early Wednesday crowd, if you stop by on your lunch break you'll have barely a dozen people to compete with.

Prices are similar to their fall sale back in September. Men's suits, directly on the right side as you walk in, are $350, sized 36 S to a 52 R. Sport coats will run you $195, and are largely size 40R. Dress shirts have been marked down to $45, and also have a huge 40R selection (translating to a medium), as well as 38 through 42, in every color and pattern imaginable. Keep in mind, many tops are slim-fit. Jared Leto and Adam Levine types, you'll do well. Vin Diesels and Chris Hemsworths, we appreciate the look but this sale just isn't going to work for you.

Men's trousers are $45, ranging from a 34R to a 48R. Jeans also run $45, with sizes ranging from a 32 to a 34 waist. There are plenty of sweaters and knits ($60) mostly sizes medium and large, and lots of spring and winter coats ($185), again, favoring the 40R size.

There are tons of men's belts ($40), ties ($30), and bow ties ($20). A wide shoe selection boasts mostly size 10 sneakers ($50), with the occasional size 9 and size 11 mixed in, particularly amongst the dress shoes ($70). We found an 11.5 patent black pair, if you can live with pre-scuffed soles. It's New York, so one walk to the train would do it anyway.

The women's section, at the center of the room, is small in both square footage and actual offerings. Almost all dresses ($150), blazers ($100) and skirts ($45) are a size 4, with some occasional 2's and 6's.

Tanks and blouses will run you $40, the couple of leather jackets left were $275, and belts are $40. Trousers and jeans ($45), have a few more size options, but 4's still dominate.

If you're a lady looking for shoes, you're out of luck. The women's accessories are considerably picked over; maybe a dozen pairs of shoes ($60-$110) with considerable wear and tear, and only a handful of purses and clutches ($50-$150) are left.

Everything Hugo has is out, and stock won't be replenished further. It's a great deal for men's basics, especially if you're within that sweet size range. Happy hunting!