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Amal Clooney and Anna Wintour Spotted Lunching, But What Does It MEAN?

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Perfect human woman Amal Clooney was spotted having lunch with Anna Wintour yesterday, leading nearly everyone with the ability to connect two dots to assume that this could mean but one thing: Amal is going to be in Vogue!

Page Six reports that the power meeting went down at the Lamb's Club in midtown yesterday, and in case you weren't already experiencing deep FOMO, Neil Patrick Harris was sitting across the room. Most importantly, though, in what form will this Amal-Vogue pairing take? A dreamy cover shoot with George a la Kim and Kanye? A first-person essay about what it's like to look good in a mink fur baseball cap? (We'd read that, tbh.) A giant, 4,000-word profile in which every wonderful thing we already assumed about Amal Clooney is confirmed? Results to come.

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