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D'Angelo and Rainbow Dye Jobs: A Week with Celebrity Colorist Lena Ott

Welcome to Beauty Diary: Seven days of getting glam with an industry insider. From publicists to professional makeup artists, this is a week in the life of someone who lives and breathes beauty.

Suite Caroline
Suite Caroline

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More than a few celebrities have Lena Ott to thank for their signature hair colors—after turning from art to hair styling in the mid-'90s, she picked up balayage at Bumble & Bumble, then moved on to Ion Studio, and currently owns Soho salon Suite Caroline. Ott's the one responsible for Florence Welch's earthy red hair, Rachel Weisz's chocolate brown waves, Lady Gaga's platinum blonde bob in the "Alejandro" video (it was a wig!), and Bjork's towering red mane on the cover of Biophilia.

For this week's Beauty Diary, we followed Lena while she undergoes the worst part of living in NYC (moving, of course), ogles home goods at ABC Carpet, attends a D'Angelo concert, and attends a Hood By Air show.


Morning read: goodies I found after organizing to move! Here's W Magazine from August 2002. #Inspo

One of my favorite parts of getting ready for work: choosing what scent I'm going to wear! On the left is a vintage straight razor from my great grandfather.

My little sanctuary.


At the D'Angelo concert. 'Nuf said.

With my girls Erin Heatherton and Britney Williams.


These navy blue nails were done at Sakura Nail Spa in my new neighborhood: East Village!

Going back to natural—brunettes have more fun!

The audiobook that changed my life! #BagLadyNoMore


Colorful inspiration at ABC Carpet and Home.

I secretly want to live inside Restoration Hardware, but bring my own art!


Amy Farid once again working her magic backstage at the Hood By Air show.

The look!

Suite Caroline family portrait!


It's fun to mix it up a bit! #RainbowHairDontCare

**Magic hands**

The end result!


Nail swag created by Gina Oh at Vanity Projects inspired by Balmain! #ImHooked