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This is the State of the Roger Vivier Sample Sale Line Right Now

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The Roger Vivier sample sale begins at 10am this morning, and based on last year's legitimately terrifying line, we're expecting things to get a little crazy. Racked contributor Megan Soll reports from the line.

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Update: Here's what we found on the inside.

8:30am: I got here about five minutes ago, and it looks like there's about 60 people ahead of me.

8:35am: People with straight up folding chairs to sit in are at the front...

8:37am: The line is about two blocks long in front of me right now. Looks like they haven't started letting people into the building yet to check coats and bags, so with this line, what you see is what you get.

8:45am: Okay, there's about 12 people behind me right now. The line splits for the post office driveway right behind me.

8:50am: I was worried I should've worn two pairs of leggings but it's gotten slightly warmer since I left home. Lots of Uggs in line, and the occasional delusional person wearing just flats...

8:53am: Definitely glad I have a beanie on. There's a breeze that brings the wind chill down to "this is going to be a long couple of hours" degrees.

8:55am: The line just moved up by 20 feet—I think they just let a round of people come wait inside.

8:59am: I'm listening to NPR's pop culture happy hour about Parks and RecTom Haverford: "I call tortillas bean blankies." I would like to be inside a bean blankie right now.

9:01am: Just moved up another 20 feet. There's still only about 15 people behind me.

9:05am: Another 20 feet up. Shuffle shuffle. It looks like they're letting in 15 people at a time.

9:10am: About 25 people behind me right now.

9:14am: Make that 30.

9:16am: Deep thought: Are we all ON line right now, or IN line? Discuss.

9:20am: My hands are starting to hurt like hell.

9:23am: There's only about 20 people in front of me waiting to go inside, but there's more than 40 behind me now.

9:25am: Whoa, there's people walking out with bags already. Is there a preview before the public opening, or did they let mere mortals in early?

9:29am: I live here now, outside of the post office. I don't remember what warmth feels like. Thinking of padding my clothes with newspaper because that's what they did The Day After Tomorrow, right?

9:30am: Just realized Emmy Rossum is a true survivor. Like, she made it through the superstorm and flooding and bacterial infection, and IRL also has remained loyal to the Knicks. It's a tough life in NYC, and she made it.

9:34am: But I guess we also made it through a superstorm and flooding and have remained Knicks fans, so perhaps we are all survivors. Deep life contemplations while I wonder whether I'm reaching the point of frostbite. In March.

9:40am: We haven't moved in a while. There's a girl in just pleather leggings in front of me and I fear for her life.

9:42am: And we just moved up. There's only five people in front of me waiting to get inside...and maybe 60 or so behind me.


9:45am: That food cart is taunting me.

9:51am: Whole body tremors just kicked in. This is what Jack felt like, sitting in the ocean after the Titanic sank. Rose is a monster.

9:55am: INSIDE.

9:57am: Important: You can't bring your cell phone upstairs. As the security guy in a baller coat just said, "Cell phones not allowed in the room or else they'll say, 'Have a nice day.'"

10:09am: It's nice to be able to feel my toes again, but it's slow going past the doors. I've been inside for 15 minutes already but I'm still waiting to check my stuff.

10:10am: I assume that shopping has commenced, but it's honestly hard to tell.


10:15am: This is where I leave you. See you on the other side...

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