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Can Hilary Duff Convince You to Watch Another Show About Young Brooklynites?


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Regular Park Slope Mom Hilary Duff has a new show on TV Land, and it's about everyone's favorite absolute least favorite subject: Young Brooklynites just trying to make it in the big city, mixed in with a couple jokes about Tinder. In Younger, developed by SATC creator Darren Star, the 40-ish, down-and-out Liza (played by Sutton Foster, not Hilary Duff, we repeat, Hilary Duff does not play a 40-something in this show, although we'd watch that) attempts to jump back into the world of book publishing after a fifteen-year break to raise her daughter, only to find that Twitter has since been invented, and everything's hashtag-different now.

H. Duff plays the role of Token Cool Young Kelsey Peters, an editor at the publishing house where Liza eventually settles for the only job she can get while posing as a 26-year-old: assisting the head of marketing.

Other things this show has: The loud chick from Entourage (Debi Mazar) as the lesbian Brooklynite BFF who still does ecstasy, that Taylor Swift "special place in hell" quote about Tina Fey, a mean hedge fund guy named Thad, One Direction and Hunger Games references, Hilary Duff doing Krav Maga, a generically handsome and tattoo-replete 20-something dude named Josh as Liza's love interest, and finally, inevitably, this two-pronged Lena Dunham joke:

JOSH: Last week I tattooed the inside of Lena Dunham's ass cheeks.

LIZA: Why?

JOSH: She said she wanted to keep something private.

LIZA: Who's Lena Dunham?

Great stuff. Anyway, here's the trailer:

Though the series doesn't premiere until March 31st, the pilot episode is currently available to stream for free on Amazon Prime.