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Give Your Apartment a Mini-Makeover at the Canvas Home Sample Sale

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The Canvas Home sample sale kicked off today in the back of the Chelsea store, and though it's relatively small, if you're looking for glassware, ceramics, pillows, or other easy items to jazz up your apartment for spring, you'll find deals at up to 70% off.

Furniture samples, including a few vintage finds, are mostly 50% off, with armchairs priced around $900 (including the pink and purple chairs pictured above), wooden dining chairs around $125 a piece, and large wooden dining tables for around $1,250. There's also a few smaller pieces, including a vintage white side table for $237 and a grey side table for $595 (both pictured).

The bulk of the sale, however, is made up of things like glassware, candle holders, cake trays, ceramics, dish sets, silverware sets, dish towels, placemats and the like in a variety of styles, mostly priced below $10 apiece. Items with a red sticker are 50% off the marked price, and items with an orange sticker at 70% off.

There's also a large amount of small- to medium-sized pillows in velvet, cotton, and linen, originally priced between $58 and $99, and all 50% off. To get a better sense of what's available, scroll through the gallery above.


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