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Brooklyn-Based Union Surfboards Has Opened in Greenpoint

Jameson Posey
Jameson Posey

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Because East Coast surfers deserve quality boards too, Union Surfboards has set up shop on Greenpoint's Dobbin Street. Cofounders Chris Williams (above left) and Jeffrey Schroeder (right) specialize in creating one-of-a-kind boards that cater to local surfing conditions in their construction.

"It seems counter-intuitive for a surfboard company to set up shop in NYC," Williams said in a release. "But with 8 million people there are markets and communities for just about everything...We want Union to be a representation of that community, giving legitimacy to what seems ironic, supporting and showcasing this masked group of core New York surfers."

The guys also work closely with their customers on visual design elements to bring the board of their dreams to life. "Personalization goes deeper than just paint color and graphics," Schroeder said. "The physical board can be a reflection of the person riding it. Empowering surfers at all levels with the chance to bring their ideas to life, in absence of the resources needed to make a surfboard—that's what Union is all about." Catch them at 117 Dobbin Street to get a board order in before summer hits.

Union Surfboards

117 Dobbin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA