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Reading Your Pretentious College Screenplay Is the New Reading Your Middle School Diary


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Quick: In which period of your life did you write the most embarrassing material? It's easy to make a case for that time in middle school when you first discovered Edgar Allen Poe, and your diary was full of tear-stained poems about sad dead girls with raven hair (spoiler: the sad, dead girl *may have been* a metaphor for you). But then there are your college years—sure, your command of the English language was much more sophisticated, but oddly that's what makes those art history essays, short stories, or worse, screenplays so cringe-inducing, because you should have known what a pretentious asshead you were being.

But now that we're older and wiser and have since stopped trying to force words like "epistemic" into normal conversations, Videology is hosting an ode to the awkward, pseudo-intellectual essays we B.S.-ed our way through while hungover in college with the Bullshit Olympics, a (free!) event in which people who've since become actual artists share their most embarrassing college essays, short films, and screenplays. It's all going down this Wednesday from 7pm to 8:30pm—with the help of some liquid courage, of course.


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