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NYC Kids: 'Jeans Are for Olds'

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Teens hopped on the athleisure train a while ago—ditching their skinny jeans in favor of pricey leggings after seeing one to many Cool Brooklyn Dads in stovepipe APCs. And now their aversion to waistbands has trickled down to their younger siblings, the New York Times reports.

"My 2.5 year old hates wearing jeans. He was never keen on them, but he now screams murder as soon as he sees me coming with jeans," one mother wrote on, according to the paper, and a Brooklyn second-grader named Jackson told a reporter that jeans are "really tight, and I just don't like how they fit on me."

While parents once struggled to get their kids to change out of denim and into khakis for dressy occasions, now they're like, "Hudson, can you please take off those sweatpants? Don't you want to wear jeans to your cousin's wedding? It would mean so much to grandma."

Retailers have responded by infusing denim with stretchy material, lining jeans with fleece, and introducing baggier cuts. Sweatpants have also gotten an upgrade with colorful trims, lined pockets, and slimmer silhouettes to appease parents. But it's Jackson, the jeans-averse 7-year-old mentioned earlier, who has the best soft pants styling trick— according to the Times, "his favorite sweats are a red pair that he hikes up with matching suspenders."