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This On-Demand Service Will Come To Your Apartment and Cure Your Hangover


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After a long night out, popping down to your bodega for a blue Gatorade can feel like a Herculean task—which is why certain, ahem, financially blessed New Yorkers have begun to rely on a new service that brings an actual Registered Nurse to their doorstep, who'll then administer IV fluids to cure hangovers within 30 minutes.

The Hangover Club, DNAinfo reports, costs quite a bit more than your average energy drink (between $129 and $249 per session), but residents in Chelsea, Tribeca, the West Village, and the Upper East Side seem to be converts. One client even used it while inside an Uber XL on the way to the airport, forever changing the definition of luxury.

But does it work? According to Bedford + Bowery, who tested the Hangover Club firsthand, yes—plus, "an exceedingly pleasant, well-mannered handsome young man nurse arrives at your doorstep with a totable IV tower and the gift of life." Which is a nice distraction from the fact that, "whereas hangovers were once the great equalizer, now they too can be bought out."