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Price Increases, Plenty of Menswear at the Hugo Boss Sale

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Lead photo: Hugo Boss/Facebook

Update: Soiffer Haskin has further reduced prices since this sale began (though did not specify a discount)—original pricing is reflected below.

The Hugo Boss sample sale opened this morning at 9 am sharp at Soiffer Haskin and when we arrived 15 minutes later, we were greeted by a line of about 60 people. This line was about 90% male, and for a good reason—the sale is mostly menswear. But don't worry, ladies, we also get a little something (emphasis on little).

When you enter the showroom, women's clothing, shoes, and accessories are along the left wall stretching to the back, while the rest of the room is all menswear. To start, women's clothes were organized by styles—tops, dresses, outerwear, and bottoms—and sizes, ranging from 2 to 14. Sizes 4 through 8 had most variety, but there really isn't a vast selection.

The first thing you need to know is that prices here are significantly higher than previous sales hosted inside the Hugo Boss corporate office. In the women's department, prices start at $50 for cotton tanks, t-shirts and polos. Blouses and silk tanks are $85 and sweaters (wool and cashmere) are $95. Dresses are $150 for jersey, $250 for casual styles, and $350 for silk, wool and business dresses. Outerwear includes jackets that are mostly $275, while tweed jackets go for $225. Nylon, cotton and trench coats are $350, and leather and wool- or fur-lined coats are $395.

In women's accessories, all belts, hats and gloves are $55 and are organized in plastic bins. The belts are separated by size (from small to extra-large). There are no handbags at this sale.

Women's footwear includes sandals and flats for $95, dress shoes and heels for $150, and boots for $195. There are some nice styles of strappy sandals and heels to shop, and the savings are about 70% off. The shoes are organized by size, ranging from 6 to 11. (half sizes are available). There is a lot of 6s, 7s, and 8s on display, while there were only two pairs of size 11 shoes on the floor.

Across from the women's section, you'll find a table of men's sweaters starting at $65 for light sweaters and $95 for those made of heavier material, and all sweatshirts are $75. Sizes range from small to XXX-large. Beside the sweaters, you'll find all the men's shoes organize by size, available from 7 to 14. Prices start at $45 for flip-flops, with sneakers and canvas shoes at $95, dress shoes at $150 and boots at $195.

Down the aisle from the shoes, there are boxes of men's jeans for $75 and shorts for $50, all organized by sizes (30-42). At the end of the section, you'll find some large leather goods like gold bags for $375, leather briefcases for $250 and large brown leather duffle bags for $350. There wasn't a huge selection of any of these styles.

In the back of the room, you'll find men's accessories, including neckties in all colors and patterns for $65 (or three for $150), silk scarves for $65, bowties for $50, and pocket squares for $20. A spinning rack held all the belts (leather and canvas), which are all priced at $55. Also here are t-shirts ($40) and polos ($65) in boxes organized by size, small to XXX-large.

On the right side of the room, there's a vast amount of dress or sports shirts organized by size (neck, chest, and sleeve lengths), color, and style. From pink to blue, green to purple, stripes to floral, all shirts are $85 or three for $225. Some shirts are still in their original packages, with retail tags from Saks Fifth Avenue or Barney's showing prices of $150 or more, so you know you're saving at least 50% on savings on some of these dress shirts.

In the center of the room, you'll find suits for $450 or three for $1,195; sport coats for $275 or two for $500; and casual pants for $75 and dress trousers (size 30-42) for $95. Finally, there's outerwear, with vests for $95, jersey jackets for $225, nylon coats for $350, leather jackets for $425 and long overcoats for $450. Again, everything is neatly organized by sizes, and there's plenty of sales staff making sure everything is placed right back where it belongs.

This sale is worth it for guys because of the large amount of stock, but the savings are not that great. Department store clearance racks will definitely offer better discounts than at this sale, so shop wisely.

There are dressing rooms for both men and women, and the sale is credit card only. We were told there would be replenishing stocks on styles that are already out and we were given no definite answers about additional markdowns. The sale runs through next Wednesday.—Hsini

Hugo Boss Sample Sale: Saturday, February 7th through Wednesday, February 11th. Sat—Tue 9am—7pm, Wed 9am—5pm.

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