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Breaking: Meow Parlour Cat Cafe Now Serves Cat Poop Truffles

Photo: Meow Parlour
Photo: Meow Parlour

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Here's a way to find out if your significant other is The One. Take them to Meow Parlour (NYC's first cat cafe is full of couples. Even at, like, 2pm.), order a plate of their new cat poop truffles ($5 each), and watch your date eat sweets that look like they were just scooped from a litter box. If the sight of him or her biting down into fresh (chocolate) poo doesn't make you even a little bit squeamish, then this love is real.

The truffles are part of Meow Parlour Patisserie's new line of Valentine's Day treats, which also includes macarons emblazoned with conversation-heart-gone-bad phrases like "I Tolerate You" and "Ur Ok." If you're going to give your partner a blow like that, may as well soften it with the presence of cats.
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Meow Parlour

46 Hester Street, New York, NY 10002