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Eat Your Way Through Valentine's Day With These NYC Treats

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Nothing against flowers and jewelry (we're big fans, really), but we heartily believe that any Valentine's Day deserves a little sex appeal. Nope, we're not talking about lingerie—we're talking about candy. Whether you're spending next Saturday night feeding a new lover bon bons in bed like you're in a 90's romance novel, quietly weeping to Moulin Rouge with your best girlfriends, or eschewing both of these options and treating February 14th just like any other day, the one thing to make any occasion even better is, naturally, sugar.

We rounded up the most delicious Valentine's-themed treats from the city's best candy stores and bakeries, from the fancy (Cynthia Rowley's gold bracelet made of rock candy) to the funny (Tribeca Treats' "cheesy love song" cookies) to the straight-up sexy (Jacques Torres' "Do Not Disturb" sign made entirely of chocolate).