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Fair Discounts on a Big Selection at the Surprise Rag & Bone Sale

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Today's Rag & Bone sample sale got off to a crowded, though surprising manageable, start this morning, with the majority of the shoppers making a beeline for the women's shoes at the very back of the sale. One thing to note right off the bat is that this sale is oriented differently from previous Chelsea Market sales: You'll enter the space from 16th Street, so the back is actually what is usually the front.

Of particular interest—perhaps in light of the slushy, nasty weather of late—were rain boots from the brand's collaboration with Hunter, though we found them still kind of expensive at $150 and $195 for the short and tall styles, respectively. These were last seen online for $205, so the discounts aren't huge.

For other footwear styles, prices ran from $100 for flat sandals to $300 for knee-high boots, of which there seemed to be an especially cool lace-up pair. We also think we spotted some classic Newburys (or a very similar bootie) for $195.

Almost every woman at the sale this morning grabbed at least one Pilot bag, available in mini ($125), small ($175), medium ($225), and large ($300) sizes and a number of color combinations. The most coveted bags were the one-off samples, which included a slate gray suede and a black-grey combo, but there were also a good number of nude, navy, and black perforated styles.

The all-leather bag options were among the best deals of the sale, especially when compared to the mostly canvas Pilots for the same price. That said, the biggest selection seemed to be of the mixed media styles, so if all-leather is your bag (yuk yuk yuk), stop by sooner rather than later.

As for other accessories (think hats, scarves, etc.), you'll find them for $65 on tables between the rolling racks along the lefthand wall when facing the registers.

One long table in the middle has knits and tees, which are priced from $55 to $150, and the right side of the sale space has blazers and coats. Blazers start at $250 and go up to $300 for leather detailing, while coats range from $350 to $500, depending on whether or not they are considered a novelty style. A gorgeous thick shearling style will is likely priced in the more expensive bracket, though $500 is a steal compared to its original $2,500 price tag. Meanwhile, workhorse parkas will likely run for $350.

Denim is on the lower level with the menswear, where pricing is blessedly much simpler than for women: all men's jeans are $98. Meanwhile, women's jean styles are more varied, so while jeans here are $100, you'll also find leather pants for $395 and jean jackets for $150. It's a good selection overall, but without very impressive discounts. For instance, the high rise Justine style—here for $100—is only $25 less expensive than the current sale price at Rag & Bone's website.

The men's section seemed more cramped, but also ample. Outerwear is also going for $350, but here there's no special novelty price tier, and all blazers are $250. Shirts will range from $40 to $98, and sweaters and sweatshirts range from $110 to $125. There were also a few backpacks to be found, mostly in a navy/brown color combination, though these could very easily be considered unisex.

The big takeaway? This sale is best for brand loyalists, with the possible exception of those all-leather handbags. More fair-weather fans will find both the percent discount and the price point unimpressive, especially in light of comparable deals online.

While some have reported that additional markdowns are likely at the end of the sale, we were told not to expect them. We were also told that there would be no restocking but there will be replenishing (which likely means there will be more sizes brought out but no new styles). The sale is scheduled to run through Sunday—see the Dealfeed below for more information.

· Dealfeed: Rag & Bone [Racked NY]

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