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Highest Honors, Lowest Prices at Cadet's Sample Sale

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Stand at attention, New Yorkers. It's only the first day of the Cadet sample sale, but you'd be wise to march over to the brand's West Village outpost sooner rather than later. Within minutes of opening, the store was packed with men and even some women looking to take advantage of deals, with a steady stream of customers still coming in by early afternoon.

The racks are fully stocked with merchandise and there are even overflow bins that are constantly being updated, but with savings of up to 80% off and some items like sweatshirts and hoodies as low as $30, guys are quickly snatching up the military-inspired goods. Fall into ranks while you still can.

There's a wide range of sizes here. with pants going from 28 to 38 and tops and outerwear in sizes S to XL. They're already sold out of the biggest potential for savings—the Sergeant Coat, which was down to $300 from $998—but there are plenty of other coats and jackets to choose from. Peacoats are $250, wool jackets $150, and the aviator jackets, available in materials including denim and wool, are only $100. Sprinkled in with the outerwear are some nylon jackets and blazers for $100 as well.

Cadet's signature aviator pants are also $100 (originally $258), and there's a ton of colors and styles to choose from including wool and herringbone—there are even a few pairs of black pants with tuxedo stripes floating around. If the aviator style is not your preference, there are stacks of the more traditional PFC pants for only $50 (from $168) and some jeans stashed in the bottom of the pile. Be warned: it's mainly larger sizes for these, so be be prepared to dig if you need a smaller size.

On the shirt front, button-down styles such as the Admiral and Officer (originally $168) lead the pack at $50, with sweaters and vests falling in at $40 and sweatshirts, hoodies, polos, and henleys right behind at $30. These are your standard tops in wools and thick cottons, but if you dig through the racks you can find some more unique styles, like a corduroy button-down and some really nice band collar henleys. These are also moving quickly, so if this is what you're looking for, get in here fast.

Most items are on the racks, but there's lots to be found in the lower bins—here lies steals like t-shirts and tanks for $10 (down from $60). The bins are also where you'll find sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as some more pants styles (the majority of these are in the sample size 32.)

Because eventually this dreary winter must end, there's a bin full of shorts and swim trunks slashed from $128 to $40. But while winter is still here, its definitely on shoppers's brains—"Foot solider" blankets, made from wool using a double-cloth construction, are $80 (originally $200) and at least three were sold within the sale's first thirty minutes.

The sale runs until February 8th, so there's plenty of time to get in on the savings, but don't wait until the last minute—since this is shaping up to be a very popular sale, you might find yourself stuck in the trenches. See the Dealfeed below for more sale information.—Roderic David

· Dealfeed: Cadet [Racked NY]