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All the Things Wrong With 1WTC According to Conde Nast Employees, Ranked

Driely S.
Driely S.

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Since Condé Nast left its Times Square offices for 1 World Trade Center this fall, there's been a constant stream of reports detailing the staff's displeasure before, during, and after the move—mostly because the rest of the media seems to be captivated by the idea of glamorous magazine editors trapped in a skyscraper prison full of rats.

Today, the Post adds a bit of fuel with a story titled "Conde Nast's Spoiled Team Already Fed Up with 1WTC," which includes a number of inside sources listing even more things they hate about their new offices, which we handily ranked, alongside previous employee complaints, from least to most urgent:

20. Buttered popcorn smell: No one can figure out who's making it at 4pm, on the dot, every day: "All of the Vogue team is trying to figure out who is doing it so we can ask that person to stop. Given the current rat problem, and the fact that it is Vogue, you would think people would be smarter and wait to munch on buttered popcorn until they can take their Manolos off at home."

19. Barbecue smell: "There are high-end clothes and clients coming in. We don't want it to smell like food."

18. Architectural Digest nerds: They're probably the ones making the popcorn.

17. Seamless dudes take too long: "Many magazine employees say it takes more than an hour to get their grub, and the delivery guys can't even find the entrance to the building."

16. Town cars take too long: (They have to go through security first.)

14. Basically everything takes too long: After parking their bikes two blocks away, messengers must "walk up five steps, down two escalators, through a revolving door and two fire doors to reach the messenger center."

14. Blame the revolving doors: "In a business where your client wants things delivered on deadline ... a revolving door doesn't help."

13. No nail salons: "There are literally no places to get your nails done, but in Midtown you could go anytime and find a salon."

12. No Starbucks: As discussed in Ms. Wintour's February editor's letter, "It will be fascinating to see how the landscape is transformed (I hope one result will be an outpost of Starbucks a little closer to the office)."

11. Flavia packets: "We don't even have a good coffee place nearby. We were stuck drinking those awful Flavia packets."

10. "Maudlin" furniture: Anna Wintour's punishingly hard chairs included.

9. Open office layouts: Fewer doors means fewer offices, which are necessary to hide from all that maudlin furniture.

8. Having to listen to other people complain: "All you have to do is come by and eavesdrop on every conversation in the hallways. Every single one is a gripe about the new building."

7. Worrying that bosses will hear said complaints: Via WWD, "Since November, when employees began their descent to 1WTC, there has been a rising number of complaints (all quietly whispered by Condé Nasters for fear of angering the corporate honchos so visibly proud of the new offices)."

6. $20 salads: "They have everything in Times Square—sushi, salads, pizza. Brookfield is expensive. I am not paying $20 for a salad."

5. It's cold: "It's freezing in the Vogue offices on the 25th and 26th floors. All our workers wear fur all of the time. And we all have gloves on in the office."

4. Being passive-aggressively coerced into using mandatory hashtags: The cruelest of punishments.

3. Rats: Especially when they poop on your keyboard.

2. Deathly falling icicles: They had to shut down the perimeter of the building twice this month.

1. The New York Post's many, many 1 WTC spies: We can only assume.