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We're Down to $15 Clothing at C. Wonder's Remaining Stores

The Soho store, in healthier times. Photo: Brian Harkin
The Soho store, in healthier times. Photo: Brian Harkin

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Last we heard from the defunct C. Wonder camp, right after the Columbus Circle store closed at the beginning of the month, the Flatiron location was scheduled to close on Valentine's Day weekend and the Soho "liquidation center" would shutter soon after. But as of last night, these two stores were still open—though it didn't look like there was much to shop.

Glancing into both stores yesterday, the first impression we got was how empty they looked—bare, bare shelves everywhere. But there is still a bit left to shop, mostly clothing hung on the very front racks in each store or askew in large cardboard boxes. The Soho store even prominently announces that "All clothing is now $15!" across its windows. If you're hoping to find home goods or accessories though, don't hold your breath.

Want to get your hands on the last vestige of the brand? Don't wait—we doubt that C. Wonder will live to see daylight's savings time this year.

C. Wonder

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