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Everything Worth Buying (and Skipping) at Woodbury Common

We came! We outlet-ed! We conquered!

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It’s mid-season, which means things at Woodbury Common are all over the place. Mad discounts in one store, stingy prices in another—at this time, anything is possible. (Even $130 Chloe boots!) We hit all of the power players and did some recon on what sales you need to shop now. Don’t want to waste your precious weekend hours trekking across Woodbury Common for no reason? Don’t fret—we’ve got your play-by-play guidebook to finding the best these outlets have to offer, with a little Tom Ford intel, too.

Barneys New York Warehouse

Come for the handbags, as there are loads of statement purses in bold colors and unique shapes that look like they were plucked directly from a NYFW street style slideshow. A Dragon Girl-colored Fendi purse for $629 (no original price tag), pink Rochas crossbody ($849, originally $1700) and a wall of 3.1 Phillip Lim Boston Satchels in sherbet tones ($519, originally $950) make for a colorful selection. There's plenty of Marc by Marc Jacobs stock too, but the discounts are pathetic—one laptop case was a mere $9 off. WTF!

When it comes to clothes and shoes, be prepared to hunt and gather like our ancestors, only for Alaia statement heels in lieu of corn. Oddly enough, the smallest of each shoe size is on the rack, so peruse the whole display instead of your size. Office-appropriate Manolos ($349, originally $935), Balenciaga's take on Tevas ($279, originally $705) and Acne sandals ($219, originally $550) were standouts, but don't forget to look up—there were some high-end handbag gems in this section, like a half-off Proenza bowling bag.

There's a certain randomness plaguing the RTW section, with the New Arrivals racks up front jammed with good designers (Marni, Dries Van Noten), but no pieces worth writing home about. The majority are mid-length skirts and boring knits at meh discounts—clearly, this is the stuff no one wanted—but the outerwear was at 30% off, a word-of-mouth sale worth double checking about upon arrival.

Discount: Good not great. (Ask about promotions—outerwear was silently 30% off.)

Bottom line: If you're looking for a statement handbag or an expensive yet delightful shoe, stop by. But, be prepared to give everything a once-over.


No funny business happening here: everything is straight 50% off. Only problem is, they somehow found a way to make half-off unexciting. The boutique is packed with tons and tons of merchandise - including plenty of resort—but odds are you won't find something special or out-of-the-ordinary.

Springtime skirts ($430, originally $860), patterned floral tops ($820, originally $1640) and bold jumpers ($770, originally $1540) line the racks, with a decent assortment of Birkenstock-inspired footwear and oxford heels ($395, originally $790) in the shoe section. The majority of the stock is more professional than night-on-the-town, and the discount isn't exciting enough to balance out the still-sort-of-high prices. Worth a stop, but definitely leave it for the end of the day.
Discount: 50% off.

Bottom line: Stop by if you're a Marni fanatic...or need a break from the cold.

Reed Krakoff

If your sister is getting married or you're starting to dress for a promotion, be sure to swing by, since the prices are high, but so is the discount: 70% off original price store-wide. The sale is extended from President's Day, so it could end any time soon—and, even worse, wasn't mentioned to me until I'd spent more than ten minutes inside, so be sure to double check. Matchy-matchy printed sweater ($237, marked $555, originally $1790) and skirt sets ($567, marked $1325, originally $1890) were standouts on the monochromatic racks, along with layered formal dresses ($537, marked $1255, originally $1790) and drop-dead beaded numbers ($1497, marked $3495, originally $4990). Purses and wallets were supremely seasonal, almost to a fault. Everything errs on the side of conservative, but there are tons of spring wardrobe options if you're willing to splurge.

Discount: 70% off storewide (silent, no signage), but items are still pretty pricey for what they are.

Bottom line: Worth it if the sale is still on. Head to the back for short-length formal dresses (the highlight of the store's black-and-white stock)otherwise high-tail it out of there.


Stopping by Prada is a lot like going to Las Vegas: odds are you won't walk away a big winner, but hey, it's worth a shot. There were purses on purses with skittles-colored wallets in displays, all at 40% off (the store's standard). The few racks of tops, bottoms and party-ready womenswear contained of lots of respectable Prada options like sweaters ($240) and skirts ($720, originally $2090) with some solid Miu Miu finds sprinkled in. ($440 is a debatably respectable price tag for looking like an Alexa Chung clone in a silk Peter Pan shift dress.)

The back room was full of mostly church shoes - shiny patent leather mary janes and flats, and other non-descript neutrals—but keep an eye out for the teeny-tiny sale rack with discounts of 70-something percent off. Translation? Silver Miu Miu pumps for $150 and glittery Prada kitten heels for $115. (Game on!) The styles are limited and the sizes even more so, but it's worth it to take your chances, just like Vegas.

Discount: Varies by product.

Bottom line: Head straight to the back and check out the first set of shoes on the left for massive final discounts.

Saint Laurent Paris

Unless you like stocking up for early holiday sales or dressing like Mick Jagger, this might not be the womenswear highlight of your day. This stuff is fancy—so fancy!—and equally expensive. There's a rack up front with the lowest-cost items, but they vary from a reasonable red silk blouse ($309, originally $950) to a questionably-priced velvet polka dot blouse ($509, originally $1995) to just plain come on blazers ($1199, originally $1990). If you're hoping to moonlight as a Kardashian, the full clothing selection will be your happy place, where sequined tuxedo jackets ($1799, originally $2399), supremely sexy formalwear ($4079, originally $6800) and crazy-colored motorcycle jackets ($5490) read like a list of digits that no real human could ever afford.

Skip the clothes and focus on the accessories, which are reasonable (well, comparatively.) Glittery tributes ($1250 from $1905) and those Instagrammable gemstone rings ($195) stood out, but don't miss the purse selection on the left—unlike the wall on the right, these bags have an additional discount that may or may not be ending very, very soon.

Discount: Inquire about extra bonus discounts, but seriously, this place is so expensive it might not even matter.

Bottom line: Get ready to shell out the big bucks—they've marked everything down, but it barely feels like it.


Sound the alarm! Here are where the real discounts are hiding. The store's a bit like a maze, since every rack seems to have a different discount, so here's how it goes. All ready to wear—trousers, dresses, serious yachting outfits—is 20% off. The purses are all over the place, with some marked 40% off, select bags at $499, See By Chloe bags getting an additional 40% off, and some given away as party favors for you stumbling upon the best sale in the mall. (Okay, not true, but you get the idea.)

Two-seasons-old pairs of shoes come in at under $100, and then, there's this: a special rack up front and a selection of shoes in the back marked down, with signage, to a whopping 90% off. Seriously.

This sale isn't overflowing with merchandise - but the shoe selection, for the price, is unparalleled. Case in point? I spent the day schlepping around two pairs of knee-high leather boots that I got for $133 each (originally $1330.) That's cheaper than Aldo! President's Day weekend seems to have ravaged the options, but it's worth a visit ASAP. If you want a discount to brag about, it's mostly likely going to come from here.

Discount: HUGE. If you find anything, it will be the discount you talk about for years.

Bottom line: 90% off, people! This is why we endure outlet shopping.

Tom Ford

For how major the clothing discounts are at Tom Ford, they're sure keeping quiet about them. Lucite signs around the store calmly announce that nearly everything is 50% off, which upon further investigation applies to the sale price, making some of those slinky gowns and bold-printed skirts nearly 90% off!

The racks are limited, but if you're in the market for a slinky red evening dress ($598, marked $1196, originally $5980), a lace-detailed minidress ($1250, marked $2500, originally $6250) or a sequined pencil skirt ($469, marked $938 originally $4690), that extra half-off makes nearly everything in the store a steal.

Sure, massive discounts on a $22,000 tank top doesn't make for a free-for-all, but dig through the items and you're bound to find something crazy, even if sizes are limited. (Pro tip: The discount rack in the middle is misleading—almost everything else in the store is less expensive!) Double check the prices on shoes and handbags—there's lots of varying signage around the store, so those discounts are likely to be less.

Discount: Major—some items are 90% off!

Bottom line: Ask the salespeople for price-checks, and prepare to go HAM.


Yawn. The entire store is a straight 30% off retail prices—no fuss, no special sale hidden in the corner. They're as stoic as the actual Celine boutique too, so be prepared to feel like they're doing you a favor for assisting.

The bag selection was not bad, but there were none of the flashy statement satchels you're likely dropping by for. If you want a Celine item badly and are into a marigold, blue and green color scheme, stop by. Otherwise: hold out.

Discount: 30% off, period.

Bottom line: Walk, don't run here.

Tory Burch

The experience of going to this store can be summed up by this detail: there's a queue outside of it. No surprise, then, that it's a bit of a carnival madhouse inside. The discounts are completely different on every single item, people are jammed in all the corners, and you pretty much have to case the place like a burglar instead of shopping it.

Even the racks are insane—a few of them are hidden in the dressing room! Sunglasses were $99, a pair of Astrid heels was $199 (originally $395), a blouse was $149 (originally $225), and a dress was $199 (originally $425), which means there's no rhyme or reason to the sale. Case in point: a row of Miller sandals was marked down just $50, to $145 from $195. This is an outlet mall, people! Where are the insane discounts at?!

Discount: Varies by every single item.

Bottom line: If you're in the market for some Tory, you'll save some bucks, but won't walk away with a steal. Either way, be prepared to dig.


Additional 25% off ready-to-wear, additional 20% off shoes and accessories. The Valentino boutique is super-straightforward, but sadly, an additional 25% off doesn't do much for an outlet mall shopper. The selection is over-the-top gorgeous and a show-stopping dress came to about $3000 (originally $7500), but if you have $3000 for a dress from Valentino, why are you even at an outlet mall? I came in hoping to uncover a treasure trove of Rockstud sandals, but the selection was limited to neons and leopard prints, no classics anywhere to be found. If you're down for a highlighter-colored shoe, then you'll do well, but hey—you win some, you lose some.

Discount: Additional 25% off ticketed prices on clothing, additional 20% off shoes and accessories.

Bottom line: Better for window shopping than outlet shopping.

Neiman Marcus Last Call

Budget your time accordingly for this one, folks. Racks are topped with tons of additional discounts, with an extra 25% off limited stock from brands like Vince, Alexander Wang, DVF and Helmut Lang. The additional 40% off Equipment was the biggest steal, bringing navy silk blouses down to $59 (originally $218) and patterned ones to $77 (originally $248). The designer clearance racks are a bit of a clusterfuck, and with an additional 50% off, these are already super picked-over.

On the handbag sale rack, you can find a furry green Alexander Wang clutch ($308, marked $615) or a Jason Wu bag on the cheap ($337, marked $673, originally $1495) but I stumbled over so many fake Celine bags in the process that it felt like a fun house. (Be prepared to have the rush of getting a find, and be instantly disappointed.) Same goes for the jewelry cases—unimportant brands were mixed in with a Charlotte Olympia gummy bear clutch ($479, marked $957, originally $1595), so you gotta know your stuff.

This place is the world's biggest scavenger hunt, and nothing proved that more than the shoe section. At an additional 25% off, the unbelievable designer finds that pack the shelves were worthy of raising your blood pressure. One of a kind gems from Charlotte Olympia, Dries Van Noten, Manolo Blahnik, and Prada are at every turn, and far outweigh the additional 50% off clearance rack, which is filled with those same knockoffs and shoes you'd have to be paid to wear. (Peacock colored, striped knee-high Manolo suede boots, anyone?)

The designer section is roped off for some reason, but once I found a staffer to let me inside, I was let down. If you're in the market for some eveningwear, sure, pop in. But be warned: the prices for the tagged and bagged gowns weren't reasonable, and even with an additional 30% off, you'll have to shell out a pretty penny to walk home with something from these racks. That being said, I did spot a Valentino dress for $360 less than it is at the boutique—but it would have been almost $1700 to bring that prize find home.

Discount: Additional 25% to 50% off items storewide - not too shabby!

Bottom line: Be prepared to dig, dig, dig, though here, it might actually be worth it.


There's a sale here, but you gotta hang around long enough for the shopkeeps to tell you about it. A big bag selection up front is marked 30% off (same discount for shoes and accessories), and clothing is a straight 50% off, but, the back room of the store is where a Balenciaga obsessive could clean up.

Filled with mostly clothes and just a few accessories, items are marked a bit over 50% off, with a silent additional 30% off. A stunning shearling-lined peacoat came in at $1203 (marked $1719, originally $3450) and patterned silk trousers at $538 (marked $769, originally $1545), but let's face it: you're not getting out the door without blowing some serious cash.

Discount: 30% off shoes and accessories, 50% off clothes; additional 30% off sale clothes

Bottom line: If you're cool spending $530 on pants, head straight to the back and get to browsing.


Unlike other stores, at Lululemon, things rarely ever go on sale. So, when they do, it's typically for a reason. The selection is vast, but product varies between great sweat-wicking finds and weird designs you can't believe they sold in the first place.

Tops are mostly marked with $29, $39 or $49 tags, though at the outlet, the 30%-ish discounts feel slim, like $12 measly bucks off a yoga crop top. There are plenty of pants in each size, but prepare yourself for jeggings-style yoga bottoms and some weird patterned mishaps. $39 for a pair of white pants is a massive discount, while $69, $79 and $89 for trendy cargo stretchies isn't as great.

There are plenty of colors and options, and sections are organized by size around the store, which makes shopping here a breeze. If you're a Lulu-a-holic, you know this stuff lasts forever, so if you find something you like, you basically just made some bonus cash. Yet, the outlet is only special because Lulu is famously anti-sale, so it's more like shopping a clearance rack at their boutique than anything else.

Discount: 30% off, for the most part.

Bottom line: Worth stopping by, if only because an in-store sale is so rare.