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Boris Bidjan Saberi Wore That Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather Jacket You're Wearing Right Now


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Ever wonder how a brand-new leather jacket gets that perfectly worn-in look? From someone wearing it, obviously. Boris Bidjan Saberi "makes ornately detailed, strikingly proportioned leather jackets that exude a nomad warrior confidence," Jon Caramanica writes in his New York Times review of the designer's recently opened Greenwich Avenue store. "And even as they hang in the store, waiting for an adventurous soul to pick them up and try them on, they look as if they have already been through the wars, as if they have been sculpted by the sweat of men who weren't willing to sacrifice protection for comfort."

Caramanica soon learns that the $5,000 "body-molded" jackets, as a sales associate refers to them, have in fact been molded by one body in particular: Boris Bidjan's Saberi's. "No one else in the atelier knows quite how he does his breaking in," he says, which is a particular problem at the moment because Saberi is under the weather. "So when Mr. Saberi has a cold, hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of jackets just sit there, unmolded."

Mr. Saberi, it might be time to enlist a backup jacket molder.

Boris Bidjan Saberi

494 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013