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The Fern Mallis-Kanye West Throwdown the World Demands Could Be a Reality


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What started with an offhand comment to a New York Post reporter and ended with a Twitter diatribe of Kanye-esque proportions could reach a thrilling denouement with a full-on, sit-down interview at 92Y. Fashionista reports that Fern Mallis, who, during New York Fashion Week quipped, "I'm kind of over Kanye," has informally invited him to be a guest at her "Fashion Icons" series during an interview with Hoda Kotb yesterday.

She elaborated, "I'm not a fan of his music and I think his agenda and attitude is just not my style. End of story—I didn't say anything about his collection or him. And that went viral...His response was very long, several twitters in a row, explaining his philosophy and how difficult it is for him to be a designer...I actually want to invite him to the 92Y. Let's wait for his response, I haven't formally invited him."

Kanye, do us all a favor and please, please accept this invitation—if only so that we can hear Fern Mallis use the word "twitters" as a noun again.

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