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16 Handles Serves Breakfast Froyo Now, It's Fine, Don't Worry About It

Try not to overthink it. Photo: Shutterstock
Try not to overthink it. Photo: Shutterstock

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New York-based frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles has just debuted its first-ever breakfast menu, thereby introducing the world to the concept of eating frozen yogurt for breakfast, about which we feel...fine. It's fine. You know what? Never mind. Don't even worry about it.

At this morning's press preview, we got a taste of the new offerings, which really are perfectly tasty, including hot oatmeal, regular, refrigerated (a.k.a. non-frozen) Greek yogurt, and an acai bowl, made with real, freezer-frozen, regulation frozen yogurt with froyo-appropriate toppings like blueberries, granola, golden raisins, and even avocados and balsamic vinaigrette. Sure! Why not? It's cool! It's totally fine.

Though it's only currently available at the Chelsea outpost, 16 Handles' breakfast menu will roll out to all locations this spring. Starting at 8am every morning, they'll also have coffee and other breakfast items. And, frozen yogurt. At 8am. Just stop by on your way into work and pick up some breakfast froyo. Great. Don't overthink it. Totally A-Okay.