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Here's What's Left at the Club Monaco Sample Sale

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Update! Clothingline confirms the following markdowns for the final two days of the sale: tees, blouses, and sweaters are $19, shorts, skirts, and pants are $19 to $29, dresses are $39, vests are $29, cashmere sweaters are $49, and blazers and coats are $49. Over in the men's section: tees, shirts, and sweaters are $14 to $29, shorts, swim, chinos, and pants are $14 to $39, cashmere sweaters are $59, and blazers are $99 to $109. Note that the following report reflects original pricing.

What's left at the Club Monaco sample sale? Everything and, well, nothing. As previously reported, the discounts this time around are far from steep, leaving plenty of merchandise on the racks, but not a lot of deals. The good news is that there's no longer a line outside and the floor layout still remains very organized. If you have the time, it might be worth taking a jaunt over for some (moderate) savings.

As of Wednesday morning, prices are as follows: women's blouses and sweaters are now $39, shorts are $29, pants are $49, coats are $99, belts, hats, and gloves are $9, and bags are $39; men's shirts are now $39, sweaters are $39 and cashmere sweaters are $99, dress pants are $59, chinos and shorts are $19, blazers and jackets are $159, and ties are $16.

There are a lot of skirts left in lace, tweed, and wool—there's even a whole rack of black leather miniskirts. But the caveat is that most of what's here is on the ends of the sizing scale: lots of 0's, 2's 10's and 12's, but you'll have to really dig to find anything in the middle.

Options for pant sizes and styles are much more democratic, as is the front section with blouses, spring dresses, and some tweed and fur jackets on the wall. In the far back, there are racks of obvious leftovers. There's actually are a lot of nice dresses and tops here, but you'll probably have to steam them for a year so it might not be worth the trouble.

On the men's side, there's a lot of everything except for shoes (only sizes 8 —10 left) bags (it's mainly just small laptop bags), and jeans (there's none left). There are, however, lots of pants, like classic Kennedy-fit chinos, sweatpants, and tailored dress pants. Plus, there's plenty of jackets, sweaters, button-downs, and blazers. And though there are lots of suiting separates available, good luck actually matching up a suit.

Also, like the women's section, the rear of the men's area gets very sample-y, so make sure to look everything over closely. There were a lot of guys this afternoon complaining of poor quality, saying it really wasn't worth it to make a purchase. In fact, there was virtually no checkout line earlier today, and while people did spend time trying things on (sneakily, since dressing rooms aren't available), many left empty-handed. One pair of shoppers were overheard saying that they were "over it."

If you haven't been yet, it's probably best to hold out and see if there will be another round of markdowns before you, too, decide to be "over it." The selection really isn't terrible—there's still tons to choose from and in plenty space to do so. But the price? Not quite our tempo. The sale runs daily from 11am to 7pm through Friday.


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