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Condé Nast Employees Told to Instagram Their Fancy New Cafeteria

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Along with its new offices at 1 World Trade Center, Condé Nast got a very, very fancy cafeteria—and they would really like you, mere layperson and non-Condé Nast employee, to know about it. Page Six reports that the company has "nudged" staffers to tweet and Instagram the space using the hashtag #CondeCafeteria in an effort to "generate buzz."

To be fair, it is quite a cafeteria. There's a gorgeous spiral staircase, all the Pressed Juicery products you could possibly drink, and Ke$ha hangs out there sometimes.

Employees seem to be complying dutifully—even the sign inside the cafe that reads, "INSTAGRAM ME!" was Instagrammed, creating a new, meta layer to the #CondeCafeteria:

And it appears that the not-so-subtle strategy is working: the hashtag #CondeCafeteria has already been used 564 times on Instagram, and more on Twitter, where employees can gush about everything from the amazing chocolate-vegetable hybrids they're eating... which famous writer they're currently standing behind.

Or the Very Serious Fashion Conversations they're overhearing.

Or, most envy-inducing of all, the free cookies they're being offered.

Either way, it's clear what the #CondeCafeteria social media strategy is trying to distract us from—but no, Condé Nast, we're sorry, but no amount of free cookies or shiny celebrities can erase the fact that once, one of the many rats currently infesting the building pooped on an editor's keyboard.