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Update: Expect Shoes and Handbags to Go Fast at the Ferragamo Sample Sale

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Update: As of Wednesday, February 25th, Ferragamo has slashed prices in half on all shoes and handbags. Ready-to-wear is now 80% off the retail price plus an additional 50% off, as opposed to 25% off. Original sale prices are reflected below. Ferragamo has also extended the sale through Thursday, February 26th.

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The Ferragamo sample sale, which decided to open up to the public last-minute, is now taking place inside the Financial District's Century 21 high-end annex known as C21 Edition. We stopped by to check out the merchandise last night, which was well-organized across two floors by several assistants on the floor—but given the really good prices on certain bags and shoes, we'd bet that the calm atmosphere has diminished since the doors opened just over an hour ago.

Use the Dey Street entrance to walk directly into the sale, where a sales associate will hand you a price list (see it in the gallery below as well). Handbags will be on your left, and are priced as marked. The majority of bags run from $99 for the red Bianca (originally $1,164) to $1,099 for the white perforated Briana tote (originally $1,690), though a very few select samples made of exotic skins can run over $8,000.

There's plenty of styles here running from $249 to $559, but know that they won't be around for long: Aside from the Bianca, the square Bradie the comes in a variety of muted hues ($149 for the smaller version), and the red chain-strap purse on the table that's going for $199, there will be no restocking on handbags.

Head upstairs to find the shoes, which for women are generally priced at $149 for heels and sandals and $299 for boots, though styles made with coveted materials like snakeskin go for much (much) higher. Check out the table of runway shoes (priced as marked) right next to the second floor entrance, if there's still any available, for styles that are a little more adventurous than the rest of the stock.

Otherwise, sizes here run from 5 through 11, though the sandal selection are mostly on the lower end of that range. There really is a shoe for all occasions here, whether you're picking out a knee-high peep-toe leather boot or a simple red-strapped flat sandal. There's more stock across most styles and sizes to be put out here, but don't expect to see anything new tomorrow.

Men's shoes are up here as well, and plenty of priced-as-marked samples are displayed on glass shelves amid the boxes. Production-run styles go from $199 for shoes and sneakers to $299 for boots, with lots of shiny black brogues and boat shoes in the mix here. Sizes here are on the bigger side—most of what's available comes in 11s, 12s, and 13s, and with the exception of the casual World Collection, there will be no restocking.

Men's ready-to-wear is also upstairs, and mostly consists of suits, blazers, slacks, and several of an orange, plasticky-feeling raincoat style. There's also two tables stuffed with ties in every color ($59), but that's about it as far as accessories go—wallets and belts sold out to the VIP crowd in the sale's earlier days for both men and women.

Pricing on ready-to-wear for both men and women takes a little bit of math: Take 80% off the item's original price, and then an additional 25% off that number to see what you'll pay. Some items already have that 80% number written out for you, while others don't even have the original price listed anywhere (we had to search through a few tags of the same style to find the price of one item). And though these discounts really do add up to huge savings, you're still going to be putting down a whole lot of money for clothing.

In the women's ready-to-wear section, which takes up the right-hand side of the ground floor, we found an office-ready yellow dress for $223.50 (from $1,490), a black blazer with leather and fur detail for $442.50 (from $2,950), and a white fox fur coat for $2,550 (from $17,000). Check out more photos in the gallery below for a better idea of what you'll find, including intricately woven and beaded dresses, casual pants, resort wear, tweed jackets, and blouses.

Don't expect a reduction in prices here before the sale ends on Wednesday evening, and if there's a specific style you're hoping to find, you'd better head over sooner than take your chances on restocking. Check out the hours and location of the sale below.

Tuesday, February 24th through Wednesday, February 25th Thursday, February 26th. Daily 7:45am—9pm. Century 21, 22 Cortlandt St between Broadway and Church St; C21 Edition at 21 Dey St between Broadway and Church St (212-227-9092).

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