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Updated: Prices Are Higher at This Year's Club Monaco Sample Sale

Club Monaco/Facebook
Club Monaco/Facebook

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Update! Clothingline has confirmed the following markdowns: Women's blouses and sweaters are now $39, shorts are $29, pants are $49, coats are $99; men's shirts are now $39, sweaters are $99, dress pants are $59, blazers are $159, and ties are $16.

Shoppers at the Club Monaco sample sale, which kicked off this morning, were treated to a rather unpleasant surprise: Prices were markedly higher—in many cases, double the price—than they were last fall. A happier surprise, however? The sale is far more organized (and way less hectic) this time around.

What's the deal with the price increase? Clothingline staff tells us it's because there's a lot more to choose from this year, and very little of what's on the floor are actual samples. In the front of the room, you'll find newer styles, including springy dresses ($99), trousers ($79), blouses ($59), denim ($59), and miniskirts ($69).

Walk towards the back, and you'll start to recognize pieces from past Club Monaco sample sales-there are jackets from leather ($199) to tweed ($99), a small selection of wool coats ($159), and at the very far end, a large wall of true samples that looked in dire need of either a steamer or a tailor (or both), most of which are basic tops ($39), sweaters, and cardigans ($69).

The shoes, bags, and accessories room is also less plentiful than past sales—there were only a few styles of shoes ($129 to $199), mostly Loeffler Randalls, and a couple Mayle by Club Monaco bags ($179) and one or two other small bags ($59). Scarves, gloves and hats are $29.

Fair warning: there are no fitting rooms, and trying on clothes on the floor is prohibited. Though we haven't heard word of markdowns just yet, there's tons of merchandise to pick through, and staff will be restocking every morning. When we left around noon today, the line wasn't as long as it has been in the past—perhaps 30 people or so were braving the cold—and similarly, we noticed far fewer people making purchases. Your best bet? Keeping warm until word of markdowns comes along.


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