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Uniqlo Is Bringing Back Its Jil Sander Collab +J For Spring


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Diehard fans of +J, Uniqlo's minimalist collab with designer Jil Sander, will be spoiled for the second time this year: WWD reports that the brand will once again sell the collection's greatest hits, this time for spring.

Though Uniqlo and Jil Sander's five season-long partnership ended in the spring of 2011, the success of the +J reissue last October proved that the basics have serious staying power—remember that 30-person line at the Soho location? It'll all go down again on March 9th, wheb +J shirts, pants, jackets, and dresses will arrive at Uniqlo stores in 15 countries. While we still don't know which pieces, exactly, will find their way into this spring's reissue, here's what came out of the archives for fall, all priced between $39.90 and $229.90.

Update: Uniqlo confirms that the collection will be available in stores and online on April 6th, not March 9th, as was reported by WWD. The only NYC store to carry the line will be the Fifth Avenue location.