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Genius Sells Torn-Down Neil Young Supreme Posters, Makes Bank

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Here's a kind-of-genius idea: If you can't afford to, y'know, buy the actual clothes in Supreme's spring/summer collection, of which legendary musician Neil Young is the face, you could still get in on the action by tearing down those wheat-pasted posters around the city. Oh, what's that? Someone already thought of that, and is making bank.

The Cut reports that a 28-year-old who asked to be identified only as "the Secret Squirrel" was walking around Chinatown late Tuesday night when he spotted the posters. "I just walked over and touched one and it was still sopping wet with paste," he said, "So I peeled it down, and it came right off. I was like, ‘Cool, I got one!'"

But after rethinking the idea to put the poster up on his own wall ("I wouldn't say that I'm, like, a Supreme head," he explains), he did a search on eBay and found that another wheat-pasted poster was going for $150. He then went out and tore down 25 more, including one "triptych" that's currently listed for $450.

Though the posters are technically "used" (i.e. covered in dried gook), most of them are selling for around $50, so there's at least a little bit of money to be made the next time you spot Neil Young on the side of a building. (But shh: you didn't hear it from us.)