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The Home Decor Sample Sale Your Apartment Needs Now

Driely S.
Driely S.

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Winter's the time of year when you often find yourself holed up in your apartment, wasting away the dark, freezing hours by slowly starting to despise everything in it. Why did I ever choose that horrid rug? you ask yourself during the moments when Netflix passive-aggressively asks if you'd like to "Continue Watching" (duh). Luckily, however, one of our favorite indie labels, Cold Picnic, is holding a sample sale next week that'll give your apartment a much-needed midwinter upgrade.

Alongside the Greenpoint-based couple's rugs, plant hangers and handbags, there'll also be jewelry and accessories by The Palantines, Mondo Mondo, BLTN, Pari Desai, and Imago-A, as well as clothing by Giu Giu and Osei-Duro. Though it won't have any of the brand's amazing boob rugs (they're not quite yet available in stores), here's a smattering of what you can expect:

Cold Picnic 2' x 3' rugs, $132 (were $264)

Cold Picnic Malpais bags, $80 (were $264)

Cold Picnic 3' x 5' rugs, $319 (were $638)

Pari Desai Box bracelet, $88 (was $295)

Imago-a clutches, 50% off original prices

Wednesday, February 25th, 4pm to 9pm. 345 Broome Street.

345 Broome St

345 Broome St, New York, NY 10013